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A few of my Norwegian-themed digital paintings and photo manipulations are available as free downloads on my nordic-pine designs website. They can be used as desktop wallpapers and Gravatars, or to enhance one of your blog posts. I hope you enjoy them!


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      Thank you! They were taken on July 4th and July 8th. Hope the weather cooperates for me to capture them every day through my lens to enjoy in the future … they live for such a brief time!

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      With the unpredictable mountain weather, we never know … but the digital proof will be here long after the beautiful reality has gone.

      Now, if I could just capture the wonderful aroma …. :)

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      Thanks, Phil!

      No secrets here; I have just my point-and-shoot ones.

      I have a 2006 (ancient!) Sony Cybershot of only 5.1 mega pixels that eats batteries if it’s set to anything that uses a flash but has a great zoom lens, and a small Canon Powershoot 14.1 mega pixels that I picked up a couple years ago.

      My husband had a lot of fun with his film producer son’s professional camera when we visited them in New Zealand, and would love to get something similar. Some day!

      What do you use?

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        I have a 10 yr old powershot, 5.0 megapixels, state of the art at one time I gues, SD450. I am looking for a new one less than $200.00. I know this one so well, that is the problem!

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      They’re open now, and although beautiful … I like the unopened ones better, for just the reason you write: that promise is enticing! :)

      Still, unless another magic moment happens in the next two days that I capture through the lens, the opened version will probably make an appearance for this Wednesday’s WW. :)