Wordless Wednesday: a labrador’s “carrot contentment”

July 12, 2014 - carrot contentment


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      She loves them! When she hears me pull out the chopping board, she quietly sneaks to a spot just outside the kitchen to watch (she’s not allowed in there when we’re cooking), since I usually give her a peeling or end. But this day I gave her THE WHOLE THING. :)

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      I have so many captured funny memories of this loved canine and her delightful personality … I have let her have a staring role in this blog occasionally. :)

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    Hmmm. You know, Cindi, I’m not absolutely convinced of the contentment. [grin]
    That lab could equally well be thinking “Fer crying out loud ! – A CARROT ?!”

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      Well, being a lab …. she’s content with anything that “might” be food. JUST MORE OF IT PLEASE.

      But she’s also in kidney failure, so has to have a special dog food … and can’t have meat or regular doggy treats. The fact she likes carrots makes it easier to give her a surprise. :)

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          Thank you …. but with her diet and medicine, the old girl runs circles around my husband and me. Literally! Our landlord joked that he wanted to see her birth certificate, because he didn’t believe she was ten. I hope she’s with us for a good long time. :)

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            TEN ! – a LAB ??? You are looking after her so well, then ! – and goodonyer for loving your pet like that.
            No wonder she’s beautiful.

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    Lovely photos. My Vika spits carrot out when she comes across it in her dog food. I pick up her bowl and there are carrots and peas spread around it on the floor. She’s too smart to spit them back in the bowl. :D

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      I’ve heard about canine companions that do that — and think MOST do, actually — but my Mac is a lab. She thinks with her tummy, not with her brain. ;)

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      Aren’t they the best companions? How old was yours when you lost her? I feel so lucky that my MacKenzie is still with me at ten, and try to not think about the future too much … just enjoy every day with this hungry, snoring, sniffing, joyful, playful, comforting friend.


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