a seagull convention

Many people find seagulls intrusive, for many valid reasons. Those three links probably represent the feelings of 90% of the earth’s population (no scientific research there — just my observations).

I’m with the 10%. I find them entertaining. The sound of their cries and calls reminds me of vacations: Lying in the sun, no worries in the world, the sounds of the waves and surf and kids and families … pure bliss.

Seagulls have made an appearance in my blog before. And this past year, living 100 meters above the fjord, we have many that fly below us.

Early this month I was honored to catch a “seagull convention” of younger and older birds on a neighbor’s rooftop almost level with us. The lowering sun reflected off their feathers, the evening breeze ruffled those feathers, and their personalities and “flock hierarchy” were so evident in their interactions. Of course I tried to capture that through my camera lens.

The first convention attendees arrived and staked out their spot, arguing over who would ultimately stay there …


There was more fluttering and changing …


One was left standing …


But what’s this? This one discovers a HIGHER spot! Does that mean it’s the Top Gull?


Maybe not. This first one stayed right where it was … or maybe it just didn’t notice.

9:48 pm on July 1, 2014 - seagulls in Lysekloster, Norway


This represent five minutes around 9:45 pm on July 1st. It was fun — and funny — to watch. You can probably supply the soundtrack. :)

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  1. says

    Hi Cindy,
    Now that’s a really wonderful view you have from your house! Re seagulls: count me in with the 10%.
    Have a good one,

    • says

      Yes, I consider our view a little piece of heaven! :)

      And — congratulations, Germany!!! The final just ended, and the celebrating can begin. :)

      • says

        Thanks! :) But believe it or not: I didn’t watch the match. Too exciting and too much stress. Instead of watching I mowed our lawn.

  2. says

    Loved the links Cindi – got rather distracted. I’m with you on the gulls; when someone was arguing with me (over a minor bump to their car in a supermarket car park – I mean it was nothing; you could barely see through the hole) a seagull took my side and distracted him with a gift of yesterday’s reprised lunch. It broke the ice, sort of, in that he hated the gull more than me.

  3. Carol Ann says

    Entertaining, indeed…and their colors are so soothing to the eye. I did my contemporary house in seagull white and gray with touches of black, silver and chrome…my friend saw it for the first time and said, ·”It’s so peaceful here.” the Rocky Mountain sunsets gave it a peachy glow in the evenings and any temporary drop of color like a rose under a halogen light was a lovely surprise.

    Your view is glorious.

  4. says

    Was there a song associated with “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”? Or maybe you’re too young to remember that book.

    • says

      I do remember the book, and actually thought about referencing it to use in this post … the parallels of my not fitting into my extended family’s traditional “mold” and moving to another country are very appropriate. But I decided I didn’t want a deep, introspective post … I needed to laugh at “a seagull convention”! :)

      But, as long as you brought it up … here’s Neil Diamond’s “Be” from the movie. :)

      • says

        (And as a follow up, I just downloaded JLS to my Kindle to read again. It won’t be the same as my little 1970’s paperback, long lost, but I’m sure the words will be just as effective!)

  5. says

    Oh those seagulls … true .. so annoying some times, and yet so funny. Those pictures are amazing Cindi dear !! So great view and funny to watch the birds through your clicks:-) Fascinating:-)

  6. says

    I’ve grown up with seagulls I guess you could say and it can be entertaining watching the dynamics among them, especially when there’s a sniff of food around! One particular memory is from when we would occasionally holiday in up in the Bay of Islands where (from the viewpoint of me-as-a-child) a pet seagull would often visit, who we dubbed Salty. In reality I guess it was probably any number of birds and the one who came to perch on the deck railing was ‘Salty’. :)