Norwegian commercials: time for a clean rap!

(Commercials on TV can be considered a necessary evil. So many are annoying, but every now and then one comes along that is the perfect combination of product, marketing, humor, and local culture. In my seven years here in Norway there have been several that have captured my attention. I thought it would be fun to occasionally share some of my favorites.)

This week I decided to post one that I liked so much when it first aired that I downloaded the app to play it on my iPod. :) But first, a little background:

Lano is a long-established Norwegian soap company. For over 60 years it’s run an annual Lano Ungen (The Lano Kid) photo contest. People submit and vote for “kid of the year,” with the winner being awarded a cash prize and their photo on the Lano refill bottles for that year.

The commercial shows several young boys dancing and rapping in the bathroom, all decked out in …. soap bubbles and lather! The song lyrics are hilarious, but of course a lot of the humor is lost in the translation:

Vask de henda

Wash those hands

Norwegian English
Har du vært en tur på do
og trodde alt var smooth,
men glemte å ta såpe
på din møkkete hud, Dude!

Vask de henda, vask-vask de henda.
Vask de henda, vask-vask de henda.

Har du kosa en kamel
eller klappa en bisk?
Har du tatt en “high five”
med en som ikke var frisk? Uhhh!

Vask de henda, vask-vask de henda.
Vask de henda, vask-vask de henda.

For bakterier,
de tar ikke ferier
på hånda di så finns det
mange skumle mysterier.
Har du søla deg til,
så er det best at du husker
at du må bruke Lano
og bli kvitt noen basillusker**!!

Vask de henda, vask-vask de henda.
Vask — vask — vask.

Have you been to the bathroom
and thought everything was smooth,
but forgot to use soap
on your dirty skin, Dude!

Wash those hands, wash wash those hands.
Wash those hands, wash wash those hands.

Have you hugged a camel
or patted a dog?
Have you taken a “high five”
with one that was not clean? Uhhh!

Wash those hands, wash wash those hands.
Wash those hands, wash wash those hands.

For bacteria,
they take no holidays
on your hand there are
many creepy mysteries.
Have you rolled in the dirt,
so it is best that you remember
you must use Lano
and get rid of some germs**!

Wash those hands, wash wash those hands.
Wash – wash – wash.

Lano for liten. Lano for stor. Lano for little. Lano for big.

(**basillusker doesn’t really translate; it’s a kid’s expression for bacteria/germs …. similar to jentalus which means “girl lice” and is what my husband and his buddies called the girls almost sixty years ago, or cooties which is what my brothers said I had when we were squabbling siblings! :) )

I don’t know about you, but that yellow water balloon almost makes me duck … every time.

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    Aw, I love that! So cute! And the lyrics are great :) Let me know what you think of ‘my’ ad when you get a chance to check out my latest post… 😉

  2. says

    Yep, LOVE it, Cindi ! I think the kid who looks completely out of it is hilarious ! – a real little who pops up without ever saying anything, looking as if he’s thinking ‘wtf ?’ … The others are indeed talented ! They must all have had a wonderful time recording the ad.

    • says

      Yes, a couple of those young boys have such natural rhythm and talent…but I keep looking at the two little ones, bouncing out-of-rhythm and looking to the big boys to figure out what’s going on. Such a realistic look at boy dynamics!

      Dancing boys and blue cows … with that content, now I’m curious what my “top searches” results will show in coming weeks and months …. 😉