paintings and photographs — Norwegian sunset skies

OK, that title is a little misleading. I was looking through photos to find one that is similar to a Norwegian artist I’d like to showcase next, and decided that, this time, Mother Nature’s paintbrush needed to be featured in one huge gallery of glorious color.

Presenting: SUNSETS

I find the thumbnails of color intriguing. Most are from the past year, since our view looks south and west … but a couple winter views from our five years looking over the southern part of the Bergen valley are tucked in there too. The date and time each photo was taken is visible if you hover over an image, and clicking them will open up the slideshow gallery with larger images.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for your remarkable and intense hues! And those paint-brushed clouds? Exquisite!

Does one image in particular leap out at you? I’d enjoy reading your thoughts!

Free downloads

A few of my Norwegian-themed digital paintings and photo manipulations are available as free downloads on my nordic-pine designs website. They can be used as desktop wallpapers and Gravatars, or to enhance one of your blog posts. I hope you enjoy them!


  1. says

    Sunsets give us some of the most beautiful sight/pictures of the day: gorgeous scenes, Cindi. Thanks for sharing,

    • says

      I’m glad you like them, Teri. The folder I created for “sunsets” is a … um … *little* bloated. It was good to weed them out. A bit. There’s still more in there. :)

    • says

      Probably … the lack of real pollution probably makes them LESS spectacular, so it must be the latitude thing.

      “Thing” — how do you like that technical term? :)

      Your shots are gorgeous! I have a couple sunset shots from our time in New Zealand. Hope to get to Australia to capture your sky there, too!

  2. lauren says

    hi Cindi, I’m here in NY, loving your blog and photos (one is my new
    screensaver.) My son, btw, lives in Maryland, where I was before NY.
    My great-grandfather emigrated to Brooklyn from Bergen at the turn of
    the century; reading your blog makes me feel close to great grandpa
    Martin Iversen! Thank you!